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Teaching and engaging in the Musical Arts since 1999. Great for exploring music literacy and creativity.

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Teacher is able to visit Your Location, or you may visit teacher's location. Teacher's location has a two full size weighted keyboard lab setup.

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This studio is operated by one single teacher. Students learn good practice methods and advanced music theory understanding. These skills help student to effectively teach themselves and are transferable to other instruments. Get that extra push of encouragement and feedback for those preparing for university entrance exams or just putting together some personal projects.  Starting with students as young as 4 or almost there.  Vocal lessons, piano lesson, or voice and piano.  


AFL Studio was started back in 2010 with the website www.aflstudio.com , after working on it for a while in addition to several part time jobs, I had to cease operations due to lack of funds. As such I lost access to that site which is why this current one has been placed for now and perhaps indefinitely.  It is important that you leave a review on FaceBook or Google to help me keep this going. 

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